Feb 27, 2009

Being there is sometimes just enough

Yesterday, alstria was awarded the HASPAX newcomer award. For those of you who do not know what HASPAX is, you can have a look on their website (http://www.haspax.de/). It is basicaly an equity indice traded on the Hamburg stock exchange and sponsored by the local savings (and still in business) bank, HASPA.

I appreciate that we did not had to perform well, or do anything really special to get the award. We just had to be there. As a listed company based in Northern Germany, we were included in the HASPAX and selected for the newcomer award.

But when you think about it, it was not easy "just to be there". Of the 10+ REIT candidates in Germany, we were just two to make it... After all, I am glad we got the award, as it testifies that we managed to get there.


PS: I am also glad to report that the Best Performer award was won by another real estate company, our Hamburg based friends Deutsche Euroshop.

For more information (in German), a link to the Die Welt article that summarizes the award ceremony

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