Feb 21, 2009

Why would we start a corporate blog?

As a CEO or CFO of a listed company you have an enormous number of opportunities to express yourself publicly. Through press interviews, through the quarterly or annual analyst call, within the shareholders letters... communication tools at your disposal are numerous. Nevertheless, none of those give you the freedom to react to a specific matter at a specific moment in time. They are all codified, and therefore somehow restricted to what you can and cannot say.

The idea of starting a corporate blog is mainly driven by the feeling that this will provide a unique communication channel and a unique freedom of speech.

We will use this blog in order to discuss from time to time real estate matters that are not directly related to alstria. We already do that to a certain extend when we are on road shows for institutional shareholders. We feel however, that there might be additional room for transparency if we allow all our existing or will be shareholders to access our thoughts on what is going on out there.

The tool is there, why shouldn’t we use it? It is not because we are part of the brick and mortar industry, that we should shy away.

As a general rule we will here not comment on any matter which is specific to alstria. Those matters are dealt with on alstria corporate website which can be found at www.alstria.com .

This blog will be written in English and German, please feel free to comment in both languages. We hope that you will here find interesting thoughts or analysis, and look forward to having a direct dialogue.

Olivier and Alex

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  1. Congratulations on starting this blog. I look forward to following the conversations that will develop here.